H - Happiness

What is it?

This metric is about understanding how users feel about your app. With happiness, you can check if the users enjoy using the app and if they would love to tell their colleagues and friends about it.  

We are using the Net promoter's score (NPS) to measure this. NPS is a way to measure users’ loyalty and satisfaction by asking them how likely they are to recommend the app. 

 ℹ️ The Happiness factor will not be a part of the overall HEART score if no NPS is activated.

Why use it?

Employee Happiness is a key indicator of productivity. If employees are frustrated, they are less likely to interact with an application and reduce their efforts to the bare minimum.

A high happiness score has big impact on your business results: 

  • Higher productivity
  • Fewer cost for motivating employees
  • Higher employee retention rate

How is it calculated?
H score- NPS score remapped from [-100, 100] to [0, 100]

(nps + 100)/2

NPS score(promoters - detractors) / all responses
Promotersresponse scores 9 and 10
Passivesresponse scores 7 and 8
Detractorsresponse scores 6 or lower

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Get Started

 ⇨ Learn here how to set up NPS.

Best Practices

Here are our 3 Tips for a high Happiness Score: 

1. Monitor and review Feedback

Read the actual feedback of users that they gave in NPS survey.

2. Conduct user research

Initiate a follow up survey or interview session to better understand the why behind the feedback. 

Initiate a user testing session to uncover usability flaws.

3. Improve the experience

Many times people are unhappy when they don't understand a tool well enough - create meaningful Guides and Tooltips, utilize the Announcements and integrations. 

If needed, invest more in reducing bugs / making the UX better / making the design nicer.


Next steps

We are planning to add more options for feedback in the foreseen future, such as asking open-ended questions (e.g. “How do you like our new feature?” or “How was the app’s performance?”).

Should you have any further ideas, please do not hesitate to submit them here.

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