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About Happiness

Understand how users feel about your app with our Happiness tool. You can monitor this by utilizing either our Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Surveys. The NPS measures user loyalty by asking about the likelihood of users recommending your application. With Surveys, you have the opportunity to go deeper into user satisfaction regarding your application and its features.

 ℹ️ The Happiness factor will not be included in the overall HEART score unless NPS or Surveys are activated. If only one of these options is activated, then only the corresponding score will contribute to your H score.

Why use it

Employee Happiness is a crucial indicator that provides insights into productivity. When employees are frustrated, they are less likely to engage with an application and may decrease their efforts to the minimum.

A high Happiness score significantly affects your business results by resulting in higher productivity, lower costs associated with employee motivation, and an elevated employee retention rate.

How is it calculated?

"H" score

(Surveys AVG score * #Survey responses + NPS * #NPS responses) / (#Survey responses + #NPS responses)

Survey AVG score and the NPS score are both normalised in range [0,100]

NPS is normalised from [-100, 100] to [0, 100] like this: (NPS+100)/2

NPS score
(promoters - detractors) / all responses
Survey score 
AVG of all Survey scores

Best Practices

Tips for a high Happiness Score: 

1.Read user feedback

Review the feedback provided by users.

2. Conduct user research

Conduct a follow up survey or interview session to better understand the why behind the feedback. Initiate a user testing session to uncover usability flaws.

3. Improve the experience

Users often become dissatisfied when they lack understanding of a tool. To address this, provide helpful Guides and Tooltips, use announcements and integrations. If necessary, prioritize reducing bugs or improving user experience in areas detractors complained about.

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