Fixes and Improvements - November

Portal improvements 


  • We added an export option to the multi-app dashboard.
  • We made the date picker dropdown more user-friendly and intuitive.
  • We added a UI update to tooltips to indicate the status of them.
  • The API Token page is now available for all customers by default.


  • We increased the performance of the Manage Guides page.


  • We upgraded the Portal authentication service to a newer version.

Editor improvements

Performance & Stability

  • Users can now easily complete guides that require scrolling through a large highlighted area connected to a step.
  • We fixed an issue causing the Tags list view not to be displayed correctly if no Tags were created.
  • We improved how the Editor search works to provide more relevant results.
  • We improved the behavior of Page Segments that use different URL patterns (including subdomains and path parameters).


  • We added new icons for Hints.
  • You can now filter Tags to display only those available on the current page.
  • We fixed several issues that improve the UX in the Editor list.

Technical improvements

  • We increased the security and reliability of our password policy.



  • We fixed an issue for Page Segments that displayed an error “page segment name already exists”.

  • We fixed an issue where the translation import was not working as expected.


  • We fixed an issue that caused a step to be skipped if it was between other steps that contained skip conditions.
  • We fixed an issue blocking Userlane from grabbing the right element when recording inside a dropdown.
  • We fixed a specific app issue causing simple and NPS surveys to remain open after the response was submitted.
  • We fixed an issue causing the Hint icon or Beacon to be shown twice in the Editor mode when manually adjusting the icon placement.
  • We fixed an error thrown when using the Editor search functionality.
  • We fixed a charset-related issue causing the Userlane snippet not to load in certain apps. 


  • We fixed an issue where the SharePoint enterprise search integration was not displaying results.
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