Define step navigation for your Guides

There are several options you can choose to determine how users proceed through your Guide steps.

You can use the “Next” option in the menu next to a step to define how your users proceed to the next step. The following options are possible: 

  1. "Next" button (explanation step)

  2. Left click

  3. Enter any value

  4. Enter a specific value 

  5. Hover

  6. Double click

  7. Drag & Drop 

  8. Right click

  9. Left click mouse-down & right click mouse-down 

"Next" button (explanation step)

  • There are two kinds of explanation steps, where you can proceed with the “Next” button: 

  • An explanation step where no interaction is allowed

  • An explanation step where your end user can interact with the highlighted area

  • Simply choose “allowed” or “prevented” in the “Interaction” option in the step menu within the Editor.

Left click

  • The user gets to the next step with a left click.

Enter any value

  • When you want the user to enter any value into an input field, you can use the “Any value”option. 

  • This option can only be chosen, if an input field or a system dropdown was recorded.

  • You can define how the user proceeds after entering a value: with the “Next” button, the tab key or the enter key.

  • You can also use this step for system dropdowns to ensure that the user selects any value from the available options

Enter a specific value 

  • If you want to force the input of a specific value you should use the 'specific value' option.

  • The user can type in the needed value or he can use the autofill button.

  • You can decide if the Guide should automatically proceed with "field remains active for input validation" (default setting), if it should automatically proceed with "field becomes inactive with input validation" or if the user needs to hit the enter key.

  • You can also use this if the user should select a specific option in a system dropdown


  • Hovering an element cannot be recorded but you can change the step so that the user proceeds when he hovers over an element.

Double click

  • Use this if the workflow requires a double click in the application.

Drag & Drop

A drag & drop action cannot be recorded directly. How to set it up:

  • Record & select the step, where the drag should start in the Editor

  • Choose “Drop” in the “Next” section

  • Record & select the step, where the element should be dropped

  • Choose “Drop” in the “Next” section

Right click

  • Userlane will proceed when the user performs a right click.

Left click mouse-down & right click mouse-down 

  • Sometimes a left or right click element doesn’t work. This might be the case if certain elements are defined as mouse-down elements in the HTML structure of your application.

  • In these cases you just re-define a step as a “left click mouse-down” or “right click mouse-down”.

  • If this doesn’t work either, please contact your Customer Success Manager at Userlane and we will find a solution for you.