Userlane Editor checklist

The Userlane Editor is visible only to users that had been invited to the Userlane Portal as an admin, contributor, or moderator. These user roles have distinct rights to create, edit, or manage content.

There are three ways to open the Editor: 

  •  Sign in to the Userlane Portal at, go to Guides and click on Open Application. You'll go directly to your software where you will be able to edit the content.  

  • If Userlane is implemented via the browser extension, you can open the Editor via the browser extension. Go to your application, click the Userlane extension, then select Start Editor.

  • You can open the Editor via the Userlane Assistan. Go to your Assistant, then select Start Editor.

Use the checklist to make sure you can see the Userlane Editor.

Here is what you can do:

1. Make sure you are logged into the Userlane Portal

Check if you’re signed in to the Userlane Portal at in the same browser. Then, reload the page after you sign in to the Portal.

ℹ️  The cookie that stores the information about your account and access rights only works within one browser. 

2. Make sure your application is added as an underlying application 

Ensure that your software is added to your Portal. Sign in to the Userlane Portal at Click the Application dropdown then select Settings > Application URLs.

3. Allow third-party cookies

Check if your browser is preventing 'third-party cookies'. In this case, the Userlane Editor won't show up as the access level is not collected via the cookies. If you still can not access the Userlane Editor try to add and your own application URL to the cookies exceptions.

ℹ️  For more on enabling the third-party cookies, please review the links below for your browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

If none of the links above is beneficial for you, check the guidelines in the browser's help center. 

As an alternative, there are extensions that allow third-party cookies. If you would like to use this solution, Userlane's underline application URLs should be added to those extensions. 

4. Install the latest Userlane browser extension version

Userlane's browser extension should be updated to the latest version. This process may vary depending on the browser that you use. Please follow the guidelines provided by different browsers on how to update extensions. 

5. Ensure you are not using an incognito mode / private tab

Note that the Userlane Editor does not work in private modes unless you have enabled private mode for extensions. 

6. Deactivate any ad blockers

Some adblockers can prevent any cookies collection. Allow Userlane for your adblocker or deactivate it. 

7. Your page is blocking Userlane

Sometimes the Userlane elements are not loading properly due to a Content Security Policy or CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) Policy running on the underlying app and blocking unfamiliar sources. An indicator of this is usually a red error in the browser console where CORS or content security policy is mentioned along with Userlane. If this is the case, please share with your developers this article.

ℹ️  CSP is an added layer of security that helps to detect and mitigate certain types of attacks.

8. Clear your Cache and Cookies

At times previous website settings and histories impact how good websites run. After the browser history is cleared, sign in to the Userlane Portal again and refresh your application page.

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