Release Note - Manage Single sign-on (SSO) and Browser Extension configuration from the Portal

30 November 2022

What's New

There is good news for customers that are using Single sign-on (SSO) and the Browser Extension. It now is possible to manage the configuration for both of these functionalities from within the Portal, without having to wait for Userlane’s Customer Support for assistance.

ℹ️ Single sign-on (SSO) allows your users to authenticate using their company credentials. They do not need to remember multiple credentials. 

When to Use

In case you are just setting up Single sign-on (SSO) for your End Users or need to update the configuration, you can now change these settings in the Portal. This allows you to take control of these settings proactively and swiftly.

If you are deploying Userlane with the Browser Extension you can also configure its settings in the Portal.

Where to find it

ℹ️ SSO and Browser Extension are features that need to be enabled by your customer success manager during setup. Only those will see those configuration options.

You can access this new functionality in the Portal > Account > Global Settings

ℹ️ SSO is available only for browser extension implementation with Userlane. 

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