How to record a form

For certain Guides, your users might need to enter an input to continue to the next step. In this article, you will learn about the types of input your users can make and how to record them. 

How it works

Userlane offers two input types for recording a form field: 

  • Any value 

  • Specific value

Any value means that a user can type in any text or number that they want to. That could be their name or address in a form field or the number of working hours during their last working day. 

Specific value on the other hand refers to a specific value the user has to type in, as the name already suggests. If you want to allow only one specific value to appear in an input field, then this is the right option.
Your users will then be able to either type in the specified value themselves or they can simply autofill it. 

What you need to do

  1. When you record an input field, just click on it during recording and optionally type in some value as well.

  2. When you are editing your steps, check the Next selection.

  3. You will see that, if it is a form field, Any Value is automatically selected as Next option.

  4. If you keep the Any Value option, then your users can type in whichever value they like into the form.

  5. If you want to switch to Specific Value, simply choose Specific Value. Then you will be prompted to type in the specific value for that input field. 

  6. With Specific Value you can choose if you want the user to directly proceed to the next step or force them to have to click Enter first. You can also decide if the focus should remain in the input field or if the input field should become inactive as soon as the user typed in the correct value. Use this setting e.g. for autocomplete input fields that open a dropdown. 

When your users click through your Guides and fill out a form with any value they can easily continue by clicking enter, tab, or Next button. When they are forced to add a specific value they are being led forward even automatically and will be guided towards the next Guide step. 


What input type is most suitable for your use case? And what are the possible pitfalls of one or the other option?