Fixes and Improvements - April

Portal improvements 


  • We improved the line charts in our analytics so that animations are bottom up instead of top down and line segments connect in a more visually appealing way

  • We added a ‘Last Updated’ icon to the tooltip views over time chart to display when a Tooltip was last updated

  • We updated old message and notifications boxes to align with new design components

  • We improved that Company Attributes page to ensure that long attributes can be fully read

  • We added a helpful note regarding SAML certificates to the User Single Sign-On page

Technical improvements

  • We added pagination to the User Segment preview so that all users belonging to that segment can be found if thre are more than 30

  • We implemented new error messages for invalid integration URLs to correspond with new backend checks

  • We added validation to the name and email fields of the Team Member invite modal

  • We resolved an issue so that Team Members can be re-added or edited in the team as expected

Editor improvements


  • Updated the Guide Completion check icon animation

Performance & Stability

  • Fixed various small issues with the new event schema

Technical improvements

  • Language settings in the editor now update button texts like "Let's Go" immediately, ensuring a seamless experience when switching languages



  • We fixed an issue where the ‘Announcement interaction over time graph’ showed Views and Users on the incorrect Y-axes

  • We fixed an issue where the search in the User or Page Segments dropdown on the Guide edit page was broken

  • Fixed an issue where some admins could see a blank App URLS page


  • Fixed language switching issue where Step UI language was not updated when switching languages in a guide.


  • Addressed and corrected access restrictions in our API, ensuring only Admin users can reach certain sensitive functions, enhancing security measures

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