Dev Reference

Code snippets and API reference for developers.


Quick reference of commands in Userlane
Discover the power of commands: issue specific instructions for desired behaviors. Learn about various commands like loading scripts, identifying users, initializing Userlane, and more.
Implement a command to open the Assistant
Learn how to control the visibility of Userlane content and trigger the Assistant on specific elements. Requirements and implementation instructions included.
Hide Userlane on specific pages of your application
Learn how to control the visibility of Userlane content. Hide the Assistant on specific pages or for certain users. Implement hiding programmatically or use passive mode. Find out more!
Userlane Language Detection
Ensure Userlane matches your users' language preferences. Learn about language detection priorities and set the language explicitly with the language command. Best practices included!
Start a Guide with a JavaScript command
Learn how to start a Guide in your application using a custom trigger command. Get step-by-step instructions and tips for effective implementation.
Hooking into event callbacks
Hook into Userlane Events for custom reactions. Get notified on user actions. Build integrations, trigger reactions based on activity.
User event export
The API user event export allows you to retrieve data containing the events (interactions) a User had with your Guides.
User profile data export
Export User Profile Data with Ease. Learn the requirements, benefits, and troubleshooting for exporting user data. Get detailed insights on user activity and attributes.