Define the behavior of your Guides

Why use it

You can customize the Guide behaviour to

  • adjust the user experience
  • enforce a specific behaviour

Where to find it

The following options are under the Customize > Guides tab in the Portal.

Customize the behaviour

Require your end users to complete Guides in a specified order

toggle to enforce guide orderIf activated, users must complete all Guides in the predefined order. If deactivated, users can complete Guides in any order they prefer. 

Notify your users when a step can not be found

toggle to display notification dialogsIf activated, users will see a loading step and error notification in case a step can not be found. Should the last step still be available on this page, the Back button will be present.

Confirm exit from a Guide

toggle to display exit confirmation dialog

Determine if your end users should be required to confirm that they want to exit the Guide when they click on the "X" in the top right corner of a step.

ℹ️ An exit confirmation increases the completion rate. 

Display an additional hint

If your end users have to interact with your application and remain inactive, we’ll show a large arrow that points at the elements that they need to interact with.

Add the option for end users to go back one step

dropdown to display an additional slide button, e.g by showing back button

An extra button to the left of the main button will be displayed. It can be omitted entirely or used to offer your users more flexibility.

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