How to create a good Announcement

An announcement is a push message announced within the external application via the Userlane Assistant.

How to create a good Announcement

  1. Have a clear strategy and plan when to use Announcements. 
  2. Avoid having too many Announcements activated in parallel. Otherwise an end-user only clicks through them and the impact is lost.
  3. Use an intuitive name for your Announcement. 
  4. Clearly define the goal of this announcement - Is it supposed to inform or a call to action?
  5. Keep the content as short as possible and don’t make it redundant.
  6. Provide an announcement text for each application language to communicate with your users in their preferred language.
  7. Target the right audience for your announcement. Consider setting up user and/or page segments.
  8. Add images, links or Guides where applicable.
  9. Schedule your Announcements so it reaches your end-users at the right time at the right place but also only until a certain time. 
  10. Use an Announcement cadence to promote and prompt the completion of a task/ process.
  11. Change the Announcement category name in the Userlane Portal to align with announcement goal. You can find more information on this here.
  12. Be cautious where to publish the Announcement, so it does not distract a user from completing an important process. You can use data from Engagement for this to better understand where your users need to spend more time and then create a Page Segment or User Segmentation accordingly.

ℹ️ For optimal results, combine an Announcement with Guides for new feature launches on your application. 

Possible Use Cases

Announcement before Rollout

When going live with your Userlane Guides you can share an announcement with your end-users to raise awareness for this new support resource. 

  • Send an announcement presenting the point of contact for additional support
    • Remember: Userlane is new to them and they might have some questions 
  • Send an announcement one day after first time active in combination with not having started the first tour (linked to welcome slide) and remind him on the new capability
    • Remember: You have spent time and energy on the Guides. Let's make sure they make use of them.

Example: Announcement for new functionalities

When having a new functionality available in your application you can raise awareness and educate your end-users about it.

  • Create a Guide to direct through the new functionality
  • Create additional resources, e.g. release notes, articles about the new functionality
  • Link the Guide, Release Note, Help Documentation, Best Practices to an Announcement
  • Remind end-users about available resources, e.g. Help Documentation, intranet
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