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About Userlane cookies

In the course of providing services to End Users, the Userlane Digital Adoption Platform may place a number of essential Cookies on an End-User’s browser (storing 2 to 4 cookies, determined by how the Userlane platform is configured by the “Customer”).

Essential Cookies are used for required processing to allow for the measurement and improvement of digital adoption on specific applications. 

For the avoidance of doubt, this processing is required to provide the Userlane service and is covered by Art. 6(1)(b) GDPR which does not require active consent from the End-User.

Summary of cookies

Here is a summary of all cookies and localStorage items that Userlane’s embeddable frontend package (userlane.js) might store on the user’s device.

NameTypePurposeStorage DurationRequired
userlane-contextCookie (first party)Storing status of the UI and related context of Userlane5 minutesYes
userlane-app-sessionCookie (first party)Storing status of Userlane analytics session30 minutesOnly when HEART analytics is enabled
userlane-userCookie (first party)Identify the user to show consistent status of content (e.g. mark guide as done)5 yearsOnly in cases when no user identifier is passed into the Snippet
userlane-assistant-cont extLocalstorageStoring status of the UI and related context of UserlaneindefinitelyYes

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