Userlane Support & Services Overview

Userlane offers two different support packages - Standard and Priority: 

Support, SLA, Customer Success OverviewStandardPriority

Standard Support

See below for additional details. Includes 24x7 service availability monitoring, online ticket support, and unlimited included incidents.



SLA and Priority Queue

Includes all Standard Support features, as well as priority queue, application uptime SLA, and support response times SLA.

Not Included


Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Userlane customers can receive ad hoc Customer Success Management services. 

Priority customers will receive an individually assigned CSM and additional services.

Not Included


The support packages differ concerning the included services:

24x7 Service Uptime Monitoring



Online Ticket Support



Email Support



1:1 Phone and Webmeeting AssistanceNot IncludedIncluded
High-Priority QueueNot IncludedIncluded

Priority Support Response Time SLA

Not Included


Depending on the selected support package, the response times differ: 

Standard-level Support: 

For all support issues relating to Userlane Production Tenants, Userlane will make efforts to respond promptly to all tickets submitted through Userlane’s designated support channel, in any event within two (2) Business Days after receipt.

Priority-level Support: 

Userlane will provide the following technical support response commitment for all Production Tenants: Response Commitment is the maximum time within which Userlane will respond (via Userlane’s Support Channels) to each support issue reported by Customer during business hours.

Incident LevelResponse Commitment

Severity Level 0 (Service Unavailability)

Customer experiences complete loss of Service

 60 minutes

Severity Level 1 (Severe Issues)

Customer experiences a severe defect or configuration issue with the Service that materially impacts Customer’s business in a negative way relating to issues that don’t qualify as Severity Level 0

 2 hours

Severity Level 2 (Delayed Performance)

Customer experiences transactional and operational slowness in the Service relating to issues that don’t qualify as Severity Level 0 or 1

 8 hours

Severity Level 3 (Routine Requests)

Routine Service support requests relating to issues that don’t qualify as Severity Level 0, 1 or 2.

 2 days

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