Implementation options - snippet or browser extension

Userlane can be implemented in two ways: 

  • Implementing our JavaScript snippet in the application's source code
  • Using the Userlane browser extension
Userlane snippet

Why implement Userlane with JavaScript snippet? 

Software providers can onboard users and increase retention for their applications. A requirement to implement the snippet is the ability to deploy custom JavaScript in the application. Userlane can then be directly implemented via the Userlane snippet in the application’s code. The browser extension can still be used in the early stages to build and test your first Guides. Userlane will be shown in the application independent of the browser. Check this article to see how to import users to use the browser extension for testing. 

How to implement Userlane with JavaScript snippet? 

If you have already a Userlane account and you would like to see this interactively:


  1. Review this important information on how to the snippet implementation.

  2. You can send this technical documentation to your engineers.

  3. As soon as the snippet is implemented into your source code, all public Guides will be visible to your users by default. To manage these settings, select Settings from the application dropdown, then select General in the left sidebar. Use the Userlane toggle to switch Userlane off or on for all users. If you already have a Userlane account and you would like to see this interactively: ⇨ Start this Guide to switch off Userlane.


The JavaScript snippet can be used only for:  

Edge: 79 and above, Firefox: 60 and above, Chrome: 70 and above,  Safari: 12 and above.

Browser extension

Why implement Userlane with Browser Extension? 

Userlane enables employees and increases software adoption in third-party applications. Access to the source code of third-party applications is not always provided by software vendors. For such cases, you can implement Userlane in an application without the need to access the source code. Your users get access to the Userlane Assistant via the browser extension. 

How to implement Userlane with Browser Extension?

Add the Userlane browser extension for your browser by clicking Open Editor in the application dropdown. 

You can also centrally implement the browser extension for your organization's end users and configure an SSO connection if desired. Userlane will only be visible when the application is used in the browser with the extension implemented via manual user rollout, seamless IT integration, or SSO.

Check out this article on browser implementation to get further relevant documentation. 


The browser extension can be implemented only in:

Firefox: 60 and above, Chrome: 70 and above, Edge: 79 and above.

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