Content Analytics


Userlane Content Analytics
Improve your content with Content Analytics: measure performance, optimize content, and analyze user interactions with Guides and Announcements. Get valuable insights now!
Guide analytics
Monitor Guide Analytics for evaluating guide performance, identifying drop-off points, and making continuous improvements. Metrics, step details, events, and best practices explained.
Guide step details
See the analytics of your Guide steps with step details. Analyse exit points, errors, and performance metrics. Discover how your Guides and specific steps are performing to optimize user experience.
Analytics error log
Use the Guide Error Log for resolving alerts. Learn how to access the log, analyse error details, and implement effective troubleshooting strategies.
User Details and Activities
Access User Details and Activities in Userlane Portal. Check Guide completion, target users, review activities, and validate user information.
Announcement analytics
Discover the Announcement Analytics: Optimize User Experience, Measure Views & Interactions, and Boost Performance!
Tooltip Analytics
Track Tooltip interactions & performance with Tooltip Analytics. Monitor views, clicks, & user engagement for software adoption & user support.