Record a Guide
Learn how to create and edit Guides in Userlane. Record steps, add media, and customize options to create effective Guides.
Define step navigation for your Guides
Discover the various step types to enhance user experience in your guide. Choose between Explanation steps and Interaction steps, and many other options for a seamless user journey.
Including skip steps in a Guide
Learn how to use skip steps in Userlane Guides for navigation and specific user behaviors. Activate skip conditions to streamline the user experience.
How to record a form
Improve User Guidance with Input Field Types in Userlane | Any Value & Specific Value Options Explained
Adding media to your Guides
Enhance your content and attract attention by adding media to your Guides. Learn how to add images, videos, links, and info boxes.
Target specific text for an element
Discover how to use Userlane's Content Selector to locate elements based on text. Learn how to apply to support multiple languages.
Refine element selection with the code selector
Fine-tune the Userlane code selectors manually to ensure more accurate element identification based on content, code and other parameters.
Add Step input validation
Ensure workflow stability and data quality with Data Validation in Userlane Guides.
Translate a Guide
Translation in Userlane: best practices for efficient translations within Userlane, via export/import, or in the Userlane Editor. Check the advantages of auto-translation.
Process automation via Guides
Optimize Workflows and Guideflow with Userlane Process Automation: Automate Guide steps to enhance efficiency and cut costs.
Export a Guide as a PDF
Export Userlane Guides as PDFs for efficient sharing & process documentation. Learn how to use this feature.