Userlane Browser Implementation

Userlane works as an overlay that can guide users through web-based applications. This allows the user to access contextual help without leaving the application.


The Browser Extension needs to be installed into every user’s browser individually. We work with our customers' IT teams to deploy the Userlane Extension automatically through Client Management Tools. 

For implementing the Browser Extension go to your Userlane Portal and click on Open Editor. This will automatically redirect you to set up the Extension for your Browser.

User data source

User data for segmentation and targeting can be provided through Userlane APIs and file uploads.

Importing users for a browser extension rollout

The user import feature allows you to upload a list of your users that can use Userlane via the browser extension. Check out this article to learn how to import your users. 

SSO implementation

Single Sign-On is a convenient, yet secure way of authenticating a user and it is available via the Userlane browser implementation. Check out this article to learn how to set it up.

Supported Browsers

Firefox: 60 and above Chrome: 70 and above Edge: 44 with Windows 10 version 1809 and above.

ℹ️ Self-hosting is not available for Browser Implementation.

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