Implementing the JavaScript snippet

The Userlane Snippet is a JavaScript code that needs to be implemented by your engineers into the source code of your application. After this implementation, Userlane will be shown to your users. 

Next Steps
  1. Copy the snippet. If you already have an account with Userlane and are based in Europe ⇨ Start this Guide to see how. If based in US ⇨ Start this Guide to see how.

  2. Send the snippet copy and this article about the technical implementation to your developers.

How to adjust the Userlane Snippet for user identification and segmentation

You can modify the Userlane Snippet to pass information about your users through custom attributes. A custom attribute could be a user role or a subscription to a specific feature of your application. This data can be used to show your guides to the relevant users. You can manage those custom attributes in the Userlane Portal. Here you’ll find further information on user-based segmentation.

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