Cross-Origin iFrame support in Userlane

Why use Cross-Origin iFrame

A Cross-Origin iFrame is a section or element of an application (could be a third-party application or your application with a different domain or server) that is hosted on a different domain or server and is being pulled to your application via an iFrame.

Installation for Snippet customers

Cross-Origin iframe is available for customers using snippets for Userlane. The snippet code must be active for both the main application domain and the domain from which the iframe elements come. Access is required to the iframe application and to have the Userlane.JS loaded in this app as well. 

Support for Browser customers 

Cross-Origin iframe is available for customers using the browser extension for Userlane. No further implementation is required just make sure that the proper URL is added in the application URL settings in Userlane Portal. Check out how to set up your URL, here

ℹ️ To start using Cross-Origin iFrames for any implementation option with Userlane contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this for you. 


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