Browser Policy SSO via tokenAuth

Why use it

This method allows the Browser Extension to identify the user without having to go through SSO via SAML altogether but directly through the authentication token.


  • Userlane Customer Success Manager needs to activate authentication via company token
  • Userlane Customer Success Manager needs to provide Company ID and information on region
  • Admin with access to Browser Installation and Policies
  • Userlane Account Admin to set Integrity Token
  • authToken needs to be provided to the Userlane Customer Success Manager

How it works

flow chart of passwordless SSO

  • Users can be authenticated using configuration fields in the Browser Extension Policies. 
  • IT admins can securely provide these policies on behalf of the users, such as through a registry key.
  • MDMs often have the ability to generate values automatically based on the user. 
  • The enhancement of the user profile can be done in the same way, or separately via a CSV upload, REST API, or LDAP integration.

Configure Browser to install the Userlane Extension and provide configuration

To smoothly roll out Userlane, ensure the Browser is configured to install the Userlane Extension using the options provided by the respective browser.

The following elements need to be configured in the Browser policy:

  1. companyId - same for every user

  2. companyIntegrity token - same for every user

  3. authToken - same for every user

  4. userId - different for every user

  5. userAttributes - optional - different for every user

You can also use authMethod=tokenAuth policy to override default settings locally.

ℹ️ The specific process may vary based on your IT setup, so Userlane cannot provide step-by-step instructions. Each browser requires individual setup.

You can find a general instruction for each browser, explaining how to do it with Windows Registry Keys using .reg files and PowerShell scripts. These methods are commonly supported by most MDMs.

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