Browser Policy SSO - Installation on Microsoft Edge


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Note: The Registry Key ("1") might need to be modified (counted up to the ones already existing) if multiple Browser Extensions (other than Userlane) are installed.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
;fill statically with companyId found in Portal -> Account -> Global settings -> Browser Extension
;fill statically with companyIntegrity found in same place
;optional, defaults to "eu", can be either "eu" or "us"
;optional, fill dynamically with ID of user (email or text id)

Example: Setting userId dynamically with PowerShell and Windows Username

Consider this example, which creates the userId config in the registry dynamically. We’re using a PowerShell script, and load the user id simply from the username of the current user on the Windows system ($env:UserName). Of course, this can be replaced with any other value that is deemed appropriate.

# Set userId Browser Policy for Userlane Extension
$RegistryPath = 'HKCU:\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\3rdparty\extensions\joephgegnilhnnnocnkigpmmamgghage\policy'
$Name         = 'userId'
$Value        = $env:UserName
# Create the key if it does not exist
If (-NOT (Test-Path $RegistryPath)) {
  New-Item -Path $RegistryPath -Force | Out-Null
New-ItemProperty -Path $RegistryPath -Name $Name -Value $Value -PropertyType String -Force

Validating Browser Policies

In Edge, you can use the following links:

  • edge://policy - to confirm that the ExtensionInstallForcelist value is present.

  • extension://joephgegnilhnnnocnkigpmmamgghage/options/index.html?stay#/nativeconfig - to confirm that the companyId, companyIntegrity, authToken, region, and/or userId values are present.
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