You can use the trigger command to start a userlane, e.g. within a specific button.

You can find the trigger command for a specific userlane in the Userlane Dashboard. Alternatively, you can look up the userlane ID in the Userlane Dashboard and insert it in one of the following commands: 

Start a Userlane

// TODO: replace 12345 with your userlane id
Userlane('start', 12345); 

Start a Userlane only once per User

// TODO: replace 12345 with your userlane id
Userlane('startOnce', 12345);

Calling this command will also fire the onStart event.

Start a Userlane at a specific step

Important: The index of the step starts at 0. It is different from the step number that you see in the Editor or Dashboard. The step number in the Editor or Dashboard starts at 1.

Example: If you want to start the Userlane at step 11, you have to insert the index 10. 

// TODO: replace 12345 with your userlane id
// TODO: replace 4 with the index of the step
Userlane('start', 12345, 4);

Good to know:

  • When you're logged in to the Userlane dashboard the start command will work even when you've set the guide on private. You can use this to test if the trigger works. Your end users won't see the guide when it's set on private.

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