Userlane's targeting settings can prevent users from seeing Userlane. Here is what you can do:

1. Make sure userlane is loaded in the correct application

Userlane can be loaded in your application via the Integration of the Userlane Snippet or via the Browser Extension. If you only use the Browser Extension for now, make sure the you are logged in to the Userlane Dashboard and that the application URL in your Userlane Dashboard in My Account -> Applications is correct. Refresh your application page after any changes.

2. Make sure that you have a public language

Go to Customize -> Languages and make sure that at least one language is public. Only public languages are shown to your users.

3. Add userlanes to a public chapter

Add at least one public userlane to a public chapter in the Userlane Dashboard. Userlanes that are in the "Unsorted userlanes" folder are not part of a chapter.

4. Make sure that the Segmentation is set-up right

Open the segmentation options by clicking on the three dots next to a chapter or a userlane. Select Edit Segmentation. Make sure that the user profile you use in your application matches these segmentation settings. Note that the chapter segmentation affects all userlanes within this chapter. 

5. Enable Userlane for your Application

Go to Customize -> Behaviour and check if the toggle to turn on Userlane is green:



Please note that Userlane will be shown on all pages and URLs where the Userlane Snippet is integrated. If the Snippet is not integrated yet you can use the Userlane Browser Extension to test and to build your Userlanes.

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