The Userlane Editor is designed to help you create guides as fast as possible. It has a smart algorithm to pick out just the information needed to re-locate the buttons and areas of the website you highlighted during your recording.

How does it work?

Adding a new rule in your Dashboard will help you tailor this algorithm to the exact way your website was coded. It basically lets you tell the algorithm:

  • which attributes to prioritize (insist): select a custom HTML attribute from your website that you want the algorithm to consider in its calculation;

  • or what it should ignore (block): select an HTML attribute that the editor should never pay attention to.

The algorithm is trained to recognize what attribute values could change between sessions or users, so, in those cases, it will only take the non-changing part of the values. If you want him to take in the whole value, you can add the condition to "accept random values". This can come in handy when the value of the HTML attribute you chose has numbers and/or letters that don't form words, and you are certain these will remain stable over time/between different users.

You should think about this

  • Custom HTML attributes are commonly used for automatic testing, so it's probable your website already has some integrated. If you are not sure about this, ask your developers or your Customer Success Manager at Userlane for more guidance.

  • The HTML attributes included in the selector list will apply to every element within your website.

  • If the HTML attribute should be insisted upon it will be prioritized, but it may sometimes not be included. If it is blocked, it will never be picked up.

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