With announcements, you can now communicate anything you want to your users directly in your app. We'll answer all your questions below. 

How to start?

First things first, right?:

  • Understand how to create your first announcement (rocket science!). Follow this userlane to learn how. 
  • Activate announcements (😁) for your end-users to make already seen announcements remain available to them after they have seen them. Once you activate the announcements for your end-users, the little bell signaled with an arrow below will appear in your assistant. Through this bell, they will be able to reach the announcement menu to find older announcements.

Let's dive into the details

Now that you know how to create and activate announcements for your users and you are a pro, here are the nitty gritty details: 

Announcement Status

  • Once an announcement pops-up for a user it is considered as pushed. It won't pop-up again for them. 
  • If you publish an announcement, set it private and publish it again, it will only pop-up for the users who didn't see it the first time. 
  • "Draft" refers to an announcement that has never been published, while "used" refers to an announcement, which was public once but not anymore.

Pushing more than one info at a time

  • When a user is targeted for more than one announcement for the first time they will see the last published announcement first. Then they can click through the rest.
  • Announcements vs. Promotions: Announcements and promotions will never get mixed up. Announcements have a higher priority than promotions and promotions will wait to get pushed at another time.
  • Announcements vs. Welcome Slide: the Welcome Slide is seen as an introduction element into the overall Userlane offering. When enabled, it will always be shown first when the user is targeted with any Userlane content (including announcements) for the first time.

Adding & linking different content

  • An image should be max. 8MB and 2:1 and, a recommended minimum resolution of 326x160px
  • If you link a userlane to an announcement, we'll inherit that userlane's segment (yes you can also segment your announcements!). However, you can change it. Then, if not every user, who can see the announcement, can do the userlane (not segmented for them), the button to start the userlane won't appear for them. 

Translating announcements

You can use the export/import text option to translate your announcements. Pay attention to:

  • Not deleting any of the original text. If you upload empty fields in a published announcement, it will pop-up as an empty message for your users.
  • "Used" announcements don't get exported
  • To export announcements, you should go to "My account" to export the texts for the whole property

If you have any other questions, please reach out to us: support@userlane.com

You should think about this

  • Don’t activate too many announcements in parallel for your users, especially not for the same page segment. The more announcements you stack, the more probable it is your users won't read all of them. 
  • Even if the announcement menu is deactivated, if you publish an announcement it will be pushed to the desired user segment. This makes it very easy to test and communicate information.

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