With the Userlane Promotion feature, you can highlight important processes and features of your app in a userlane. Our Userlane AI will show the activated promotions at the best moment. The users will see a pop-up next to the Userlane Assistant Icon and can decide if they directly want to start the promoted userlane or close it for later.

Activate a Userlane Promotion

This userlane guides you interactively through the activation process for promotions of userlanes. Here you can adjust any general texts like promotion texts

When does a Userlane Promotion appear?

Our Userlane AI will take care of managing your Userlane Promotions. The underlying Algorithm is based on the following criteria: 

  • Only one promotion is triggered at a time.

  • If there are 2 userlanes promoted for the same user group, and one of them has a page segment, this userlane will be promoted on it's page segment over the concurring one. 

  • The promotion of a userlane is also triggered if this userlane is public but in a private chapter. 

  • If a promotion is triggered, the user can start the tour, close the promotion actively or continue interacting with the underlying app, which will close the promotion as well. 

  • The promoted userlane will not appear for a user again after he started the promoted tour.

  • The promotion won’t appear twice on the same page (without a page reload).

  • If the user didn’t start a promoted userlane, Userlane will wait at least 6 hours before it triggers the same Userlane again.

  • The promoted Userlane appears up to 3 times for a user who saw the promotion but didn’t start it. If he closed the promotion actively, the promotion will only appear up to 2 times and then won’t bother him anymore.

  • Switching an active promotion off and on again resets the promotion. This means that e.g. users that have already started the userlane will receive the promotion again.

You should think about this

  • The promotion will take the applied segmentation into account. The userlane will only be promoted to those users and on those pages that are defined in the segments for the respective chapter and userlane. If you want to change the applied segmentation, follow this userlane

  • Use page segmentation in combination with Userlane Promotions to highlight the most important and valuable feature on a specific page.

  • Don’t activate too many promotions in parallel for your users, especially not for the same page segment. This could annoy your users.

  • Regularly change the content you’re promoting to create a fresh, valuable experience for your users. 

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