Alerts are triggered whenever a userlanes breaks on a regular basis in a specific step. You’ll see any userlane that is not working directly in your userlane overview in the Userlane Dashboard or Editor. 

Alerts indicate that something in a specific step doesn’t work properly anymore. An Alert can e.g. give you some quick info about a change in your app or in the HTML-code that affects Userlane. 

Any update on a userlane resets the Alert notification for this userlane.

How to activate Alerts

Use this userlane to switch on the Alert feature for your Account.

Good to know

  • You can see Alerts immediately after you activated the feature. 
  • If you don’t see any Alerts then this means that your guides are working perfectly fine.
  • Alerts tell you that a tour broke several times within a short time frame at the same step. By default, this threshold is set to 5 userlane breaks within 8 hours. If you want to adjust those values, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

If you don’t find the reason for an Alert right away: 

  • Maybe special incidents raised the Alert, e.g. that the internet didn’t work properly. 
  • Simply do some minor changes in the userlane to refresh the Alerts.
  • If the Alert occurs again, reach out to your Customer Success Manager and we’ll help you to find the reason for this issue.

What to do when you see an Alert

Here are some steps that will help you to effectively handle Alert notifications:

1. Work in the Editor

Open the respective Userlane in the Userlane Editor and click through it until you get to the step with the Alert symbol. 

2. Look for issues in the current step

Does this step highlight the right element? Due to some updates of your application, Userlane might not be able to find the right step anymore. If this step cannot find an element on the page anymore or highlights the wrong element, simply choose the ‘change positioning’ option to change the highlighted element for this step.

3. Check the step settings

Are the step options of this step alright? Maybe this is an explanation step that prevents user interaction in the highlighted element, but the user needs to click it in order to continue? Maybe there is a wrong SkipIf option active?

4. Check the previous steps

Is this step fine? Maybe the issue is caused somewhere else - e.g. your users are led into the wrong section in one of the previous steps. This might trigger the Alert in the current step. If this is the case, simply reposition the wrong previous step. You can also increase the stability of this step, e.g. by making sure that the selector always picks the element with a specific content (for example a specific menu button).

5. Check if the issue doesn’t happen in the userlane itself

You couldn’t find the reason for the alarm and the whole tour works great for you? Bear in mind that your users might have different account characteristics! E.g. a trial user account might have access to only some sections or might have a different number of menu buttons. Try this userlane for accounts with different limitations to make sure that the tour works for all of your users. If you found the issue, you can adapt the tour itself by e.g. adding a content value to your selector or using other step options like skipIfs. Another possible solution is to adjust your segmentation concept in order to make sure that this tour is only accessible for those users who actually need it.

6. Did nothing of the previous steps work? 

Test the Userlane in different browsers that your users might use (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari). Is the issue only appearing for specific browsers? Every browser is a little bit different. Try choosing the bigger element by using ‘change positioning’ or by manually adjusting the Userlane selector (technically advanced). 

If the issue persists, contact your Customer Success Manager or directly book an Assistance Call. We’ll find a solution together!

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