The analytics graph

The graph shows you how the completion rate and the number of unique users engaged changes over time. Select the time range that you want to analyze.

Unique targeted users

Targeted users are the users that have seen any Userlane element. This could be the Assistant, the welcome slide or a userlane.

Unique engaged users

Engaged users are the users that have clicked on a Userlane element.

Userlane plays

Userlane plays are the number of times any userlane was interacted with.

Average plays per engaged user

This tells you how many guides an engaged user interacted with.

Analytics per Userlane

Completion rate

The completion rate measures the percentage of users who finish an entire guide.

Good to know: There are valid reasons for exiting a guide:

  • The user might start a guide for a process that he’s already familiar with and realizes that after a few steps.
  • The user might have only searched for the right section and wants to explore the rest of the possibilities without guidance.
  • The user might understand the trick behind a certain process after a couple of steps.

Users started / Users completed

The number of times the userlane was started or finished.

Detailed analytics for this userlane

Click on “Show detailed analytics for this userlane“ to see each step of that userlane and the number of users that finished or exited it. You can use these detailed analytics per step to get feedback for single steps with a high dropout rate. 

Good to know

  • Analytics are not static. Visit your analytics section every month to check in if significant changes occurred.
  • Think of additional analytics and feedback on your side, i.e. customer surveys or else. If your users are happy with the training process, this qualitative factor should be considered in your evaluation. 
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