The Userlane Editor is only visible to managers that have an account in the Userlane Dashboard and therefore have specific usage rights to edit the logic and the content of the userlanes.

1. Are you logged into the Dashboard?

Check if you’re logged in to the Userlane Dashboard at in the same browser. 

It is not enough if you are logged in the Chrome browser if you try to edit your guides in Firefox. The cookie that stores the information about your account and access rights only works within one browser.

2. After logging in - Reload the page

Try to reload the page after you log into the Dashboard.

3. Allow third party cookies

Check your browser settings. If your browser doesn't allow 'third party cookies' the Userlane Editor won't show up as we can't check your access rights via the cookie information.

4. Deactivate any ad blockers

Not only the browser can cause that the Userlane Editor isn't showing up. Also, some browser extensions that block ads can block the communication via the cookie. Allow Userlane for your ad blocker or deactivate it for now.

5. Delete your browser cookies

You can delete the browser cookies in the settings of your browser. After you deleted them, log in into the Userlane Dashboard again and refresh your application page.

The Editor is still not visible to you?

Contact us via or schedule an assistance call.

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