The Userlane Browser Extension enables you to build and test your userlanes right away while they are still hidden for your end users.

What you need to do to get started


  1. Click on the Edit your Userlanes button in your Userlane Dashboard

  2. After you have installed the Extension, it should be visible in your extension bar. Usually, it’s on the right top side of the browser

Start the Browser Extension

  1. Check if you are logged in to your Userlane Dashboard.

  2. Make sure that your application URL is correctly defined in your Dashboard (My Account -> Application).

  3. Open your application.

  4. Click on the Userlane Extension icon.

  5. Click on Inject. The Userlane Assistant button or a black placeholder should appear at one corner of your screen.

Start the Editor

  1. Click on Start Editor in the browser extension window or

  2. Start the Editor by clicking on your Userlane Assistant and click on Start Editor.

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