Use this userlane to learn where to find the link to trigger a userlane.

You can use this link for all your users. When a user clicks on the link he’s redirected to the default URL that you have set up in the application settings. The linked userlanes starts at the default URL.

How to trigger a userlane on a different URL

You have 2 options:

  1. Add this to the link: "?redirectTo=thespecificURL". Replace thespecificURL with the URL where you want the Userlane to start.

  2. Add "?userlaneStart=12345" to your URL. Replace the number 12345 with the ID of the userlane you want to trigger. Here you'll find the ID of your userlane.

Good to know

  • Userlanes can only be triggered by a link if the snippet has been added to your source code.

  • You can include the link into your FAQ articles (like we did above), in emails or send them via your support chat.

  • If you have different subdomains for different clients, you will need to adapt the URL for each of them like explained before. 

How to start a Userlane with a custom JavaScript trigger

Read this article to understand how to start a userlane with a custom trigger.

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