Use this Userlane to get an interactive guide of your personal Userlane Dashboard.

Manage Section

Here you can manage, organize and search your Userlanes. The organization is based on chapters which behave similar to folders on your computer. 

Userlanes that are not assigned to a specific Chapter can be found in the section "Unsorted userlanes". Deleted userlanes can be accessed in the section "Deleted userlanes".

Analyze Section

Here you get insights about the Userlane performance. 

On the bottom of the page, you find the analytics for every single userlane. Click on "Show detailed analytics for this Userlane", to see insights for each step within the userlane.

Find out more about the single numbers and what you can use them for.

Customize Section

In the Customize section you can define general settings for your Userlane Assistant. You can find out more about the customization options in the correspondent articles:

  1. Behavior: Set up how Userlane should behave
  2. Languages: Add and delete languages
  3. Design: Adapt your Design
  4. Texts: Define general texts
  5. Welcome Slide

Segment Section

Here you can define conditions that regulate, where and to whom certain chapters and userlanes are visible.

My Account

Here you see settings related to your account. Those are your options:

  1. Application: Add and change your application's name and URL.
  2. Snippet: Find the JavaScript Snippet here
  3. Personal: Get information about your credentials
  4. Team: Manage your Team

Access the Userlane Editor

The button "Edit you Userlanes" brings you directly to your application and the Userlane Editor.

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