Use this userlane to see how to customize your design on your dashboard.

Click on “Customize” and “Design” to see your options.

Keep in mind: The settings will affect all userlanes. This means that if you change the label of the button here, you'll change the colors of all step buttons in all of your userlanes.

Changing colors

This can be done in two ways:

  1. Add a Color Hex Code to the field

  2. Type the color name 

Changing the corner radius

Play around with the pixel value to see how your buttons' corners change. Make sure that the number is always followed by "px" (e.g. 20px).

Changing the Assistant's image

Click "upload image" to upload the image you like to guide your users through your processes. Make sure that the assistant image is relatable to your users (e.g. the face of one of your co-workers). You could also use the logo of your company or the application you are building userlanes for or any nice symbol like a question mark. We recommend an image size of 200x200 px.

Next Steps 

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