Userlane for Atlassian applications

This article describes how to implement Userlane for Atlassian applications.

To start building and publishing Guides, you need to implement access to our Editor. If you want to create content for Atlassian applications such as Jira and Confluence, you will need to follow specific procedures. 

To use Userlane with Jira and Confluence, you need to download and configure the Userlane Atlassian add-on. If you then follow the regular procedures for implementing Userlane, you are ready to start building your Guides. 

Supported versions

  • Jira  6.4.14 and later

  • Confluence 5.8.10 and later

Download the Atlassian Add-on 

Please download the Atlassian Add-on from the Atlassian marketplace then follow the instructions to install the add-on in your application.

Configure the Atlassian Add-on

Once the add-on has been downloaded from the marketplace you will need to configure it to start using Userlane across your Atlassian products. 

  • Go to the configuration page 

  • Please input your application ID - Please note: You will need to subscribe to Userlane separately and then enter the Application ID that will be assigned to your subscription before you can start working with this add-on. For more information, please go to the Userlane website

Once you have entered the application ID there are two other configuration options to choose which are enabled by default and do the following:

  • Identify Users - If this is enabled, this add-on will include the user key when loading Userlane. This allows you to see a list of users who have engaged with Userlane and eases manual grouping of users. This does not give Userlane access to any information stored in user profiles 

  • Group Users -  If this is enabled, this add-on will include the groups a user belongs to when loading Userlane. This allows you to target content to specific user groups. 

Once you save the configuration you will get a confirmation message popup notifying you of the updated values.

Using the Atlassian Add-on with Userlane 

Once you have the application ID assigned and updated, on the next refresh, when you're logged into Userlane you will see the Userlane Editor, and your end users will see the Userlane Assistant. This will allow you to create Guides for the aforementioned products.

Do you need more info?

Contact our Customer Success Team. We are always happy to help.