New message type: Surveys [COMING SOON]

About Surveys

Understanding how well users adopt your application is at the core of Userlane's mission, and the ability to measure user happiness plays a key role in this.

Previously, we relied on NPS surveys to grasp the overall user sentiment. The net promoter score is a recognized method for assessing user satisfaction, and tells you how likely users are to recommend your app.

However, NPS surveys are limited to one consistent question over a longer period of time, and that question shouldn't be changed.

To give you more options to gather user opinions about your app and its features, we are now developing a more flexible Survey type. This will allow you to ask any question and publish multiple surveys simultaneously across different pages and user segments within your application.

With the new smiley-based scale, survey participants can easily provide feedback by selecting from a range of 5 smileys representing different sentiments. The smiley on the very left indicates the lowest rating and the one on the very right the highest. This user-friendly, easy-to-use system allows for quick responses, encouraging a high engagement and participation rate.

Set up

To create a new survey for your app, go to the Messages menu in the Portal and click on 'Add a message', then choose the Survey option.

Then type in your question and enter your score labels. 

You can decide who should participate in the survey by setting up a dedicated User segmentation. If you want to show it on specific pages only, select a Page segmentation. Then, you can specify the activation date of the survey and how often you want to remind users who haven't responded to it, yet.

Last but not least, you can translate the survey into other languages. 

Overall, it works very similar to setting up an NPS survey or Announcement.

Survey Analytics

You will be able to see your overall Happiness score on your HEART dashboard. This score will include results from both NPS and survey responses. To calculate the Happiness score, we normalize the average responses and convert them into a percent value (0-100%).

Each survey will have its own analytics page, where you can track its responses and view the comments users have left. 

To get the results for a specific period of time or user group(s), you can apply date as well as user segment filters.

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