Analytics filters

Use filters to refine your Userlane Analytics dashboard.

Userlane's Analytics dashboard provides filtering options to help you quickly extract the key insights that you need to evaluate the performance of your application, Guides, and Announcements. 

Date Range

By default, analytics are displayed for the 3-month period ending in the current month, but you can refine this selection using the date picker filter. Changes to the date range apply to all of the analytics pages: Overview, Guides, and Announcements.

To change the date range:

  1. Expand the date picker then select one of the following options:

    • Current Month

    • Previous Month

    • Previous 3 months (default)

    • Previous 6 months 

    • Custom: This option allows to define any date range within the last 6 months. This is especially useful when you want to view data for specific days. 

  2. Click Apply to update your analytics data.

User Segment

If you have defined user segments for your content, a User Segment filter can be applied to help you understand the activities of a specific group of users. User Segment filters are applied to all analytics pages: Overview, Guides, App, and Announcements.

  1. Click Add Filter, then select User Segments.

  2. Select the required segment. Your analytics view updates automatically. 


The Chapter filter is applicable only to Guides. Chapter filters help you collate your insights for a particular set of guides.

  1. Click Add Filter, then select Chapter.

  2. Select the required chapter. Your analytics view updates automatically.


The Category filter is applicable only to Announcements. This allows you to view the performance of a specific type of Announcement and helps you make decisions on how best to use it.

  1. Click Add Filter, then select Category.

  2. Select the required category, e.g New Feature. Your analytics view updates automatically.

ℹ️  Changes to default filter settings apply only to your current dashboard browser session. If you close the browser or refresh the page, the filters revert to the default settings.
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